Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chapter 43: Kvornan Has Armageddon Raining Down

Weds November 18, 2074 7:44 pm: 48 King St.- Dorset, Pleasantview


"Oona, I don't have the patience for this." Kvornan took a step forward but Oona grabbed the doorframe, blocking his path. She sucked on her teeth and leaned her hips tartly to the side, staring ruefully at him from underneath her heavy lashes. It was so typical of her to throw her sex around like a carelessly discarded hand grenade that Kvornan couldn't help but yawn. Oona rolled her eyes.

"You think I give a shit what you have the patience for? My kids are asleep upstairs. I'm not letting you in here," she snapped. The cold night air turned her breath to steam, giving her the mien of an ill-tempered bull. Perhaps it was time someone punched a ring through her septum and led her by it.

"Addison, please remove your daughter," Kvornan shouted towards the door. "
Before I do." Even with the light coming from behind, Kvornan could see Oona's face flush to a most unbecoming shade of maroon.


"Townie, you better not try to fuck with me! I will blow your fucking brains out right here on this porch. Let's see you recover from that shit," Oona squeaked. Without thinking, Kvornan seized her roughly by the arms. His tolerance had reached its end. Oona's mouth gaped open witlessly as his fingers dug into the thin fabric of her blouse. She was not accustomed to physical hostility.

"Reach for your gun and I swear to God, I'll make you ingest it," he growled. Oona took a few frightened glances towards the door, her mouth still hanging. Kvornan let her go and she stumbled. It was only then that he realized he'd lifted her from the ground. She glared, clutching her aching arm with her left hand and flipping him off with the right.

"Sit on it and rotate," she scoffed. The door swung open unexpectedly. Kvornan was vaguely unsettled, realizing that he should have heard or at least seen the approach of this third person. A pair of arms encircled Oona's upper body and gently coaxed her back into the house.


"Jack, get your fucking hands off of me," Oona squealed. She was ignored. The owner of the disembodied arms peered at Kvornan from behind a veil of Oona's hair and for an instant, time stood still. It was impossible. Kvornan felt his mouth go dry.

The man standing directly adjacent to Kvornan had no perceptible energy. No matter how Kvornan focused, there was nothing to be found. It was difficult to say how much time passed before Kvornan realized that the young man was undergoing a similar revelation about him. The two of them stared at one another, completely dumbfounded. Oona continued to twist futilely, muttering an incoherent string of curses.

"What is going on out here?" Addison's voice served to break the spell as he stepped into the foyer.


"Nothing I can't handle," Jack replied assertively. Kvornan watched as Jack wrapped his arms around Oona's waist and carried her into the next room. When Kvornan turned back to Addison, he found himself under close scrutiny. He would have to make something up.

"Are you certain that she's your daughter? I might have thought that she was sired by a rabid squirrel," Kvornan said weakly. He had not quite managed to keep the unease out of his voice. Addison shrugged.

"No, she's mine. My grandmother was the same way, from what I remember of her. So, there must be a reason for this visit. What have you got for me this time? Gods in the bodies of men? Plants that don't die? Armageddon raining down in decorative ribbons?"

"Maybe. I'll run it by you and you can tell me what you think." Addison nodded curtly and gestured towards the kitchen door.

"Please step into my office."


Inside the kitchen, the table was only set for two. The room was humid and thick with the scent of roasted eggplant. Music quietly wafted from the wall-mounted stereo. Kvornan cleared his throat.

"So who was that kid," he asked casually, listening as Addison opened a foil package but not bothering to look.

"That kid was
the kid. Jack Dalton, my lovely assistant." Kvornan heard Addison rustling through the cutlery drawer. Evidently, they were playing a game where Kvornan asked pertinent questions and Addison feigned ignorance. Perhaps Kvornan should have been clearer and asked what, not who the kid was.

"He's not normal, Addison," Kvornan said flatly. Addison stopped what he was doing. His hand went up to his face. Kvornan supposed he was pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I've noticed as much. And you might want to tell me what you've got to say before he finishes talking Oona down." Addison had a point. Kvornan sighed.


"I don't even know where to begin. The Ib's sister fell into a trance a few days ago and when I went to visit her, someone started using her as a conduit."


"I don't know. She didn't say. Or he didn't say. I'm not sure. She told me that if I don't stay with the Ib- God, I can't believe I'm saying this- If I don't stay with the Ib, then I will be compromised." Addison opened the refrigerator and took out a parcel of beef. Kvornan remembered with a pang that he hadn't fed in several days.


"Compromised how? Were those her exact words?"

"Yes. I assume that by 'compromised' she meant that I'll be replaced as the Sheut."

"I thought that you were supposed to stay away from the Ib."

"I was."

"But now the rules have changed?"

"Maybe. I don't know. It depends on who the messenger was. And more importantly, whom the message was from." Addison sliced through a red pepper, his blade colliding noisily with the surface of the cutting board.


"Is it even possible for you to be replaced," Addison asked.

"I've been asking myself that same thing and I've come to the conclusion that while no one else could possibly have my same connection to the other four, it is still possible that someone else could do my job." Addison dropped his knife. "What is it?"

"Jack." The name tumbled down upon the room with the weight of falling rock.


"Am I interrupting something?" He paused in the doorway, mid-stride. At second glance and somewhat to Kvornan's relief, Jack did in fact have perceptible energy- It was just difficult to distinguish. It resonated away from him, crystalline and rippling like a heat wave. He was altogether unlike anything that Kvornan had ever seen.

"No. Come right on in. Have a seat. This is Mr. Tricou. He's a friend of mine from Veronaville," Addison said pleasantly.


Kvornan avoided Jack's eyes as he sat down. If he didn't know any better, he might have thought that Jack was no different from any other boy his age. He looked, moved and smelled so enticingly human that Kvornan found himself fighting to keep his fangs retracted. After Jack settled in his seat he smiled genially.


"Pax eshil mit dyne. Except don't try to speak Ashkay with me because that's all I know," Jack said. This was an interesting turn. Decidedly, Kvornan would let the boy think what he clearly assumed- That Kvornan was either partially or entirely Fae.

"Charmed," he said with a nod.


"Jack's going on a trip to your hometown on my behalf in a few days. Been studying up on the language," Addison reported whilst lighting the stove.

"Oh really?" Jack flipped his hair away from his eyes.

"Well, yes. But really, I'm just studying enough so I can communicate in case of an emergency."

"That's very sensible of you."

"I don't like to walk into situations unprepared."


"Hm. So where'd you find this one, London," Kvornan asked, never taking his eyes off of Jack. Addison turned on the faucet and began rinsing a dishcloth.

"A downtown foster home. Where do I find any of them? Jack, would you mind checking up on Oona? I think I hear her trying to jimmy the lock." Jack shrugged and stood. He seemed to know when he was being excluded but he was smart enough not to speak out. Kvornan looked straight ahead and listened to Jack's footsteps as he left the room slowly but deliberately.


"That was smooth," Kvornan said, determining that Jack was out of earshot. Addison tossed a pot into the sink.

"Maybe if you would call once in while before you invited yourself over, I would have enough time to figure this sort of weirdness out before you got here."


"Well," Addison grunted, turning around to face Kvornan.

"Well what?"

Well is he yours?" It took Kvornan a moment to understand what Addison was asking.

"You can't be serious. Does he fucking look like me?" Addison only snorted in response. But it did bring certain questions to mind. Jack was, without a doubt, a child of Heaven- Perhaps some kind of Proto-Fae. As such, he was necessarily the son of some divine body.

And then it hit him. Addison's exclamation when Jack had entered the room was not a mere warning that Jack nearby. It was a response to what they had been discussing. If there was to be a replacement, Jack was it.


  1. Ok, I think you can see why I was avoiding this chapter like the plague. So much exposition! *smacks self on forehead*

    Eh, but at least it's done with.

  2. Oooooo, Addison knows about Kvornan and all his mysteries? I'm assuming he's not a vampire... hmmmmmm...

    And Addison thinks Jack might be Kvornan's son? Well, that certainly is interesting... I wonder if Jack and Elise will ever meet.

    Oona's rather crazy. Interesting, but crazy. Did Phoenix dump her, or did she dump him? Also, why doesn't she have the same last name as either of her parents? Was she adopted?

  3. No, Addison is not a vampire. He's totally human. How the two of them know one another will come out a little later but until then, Addison's family tree might serve as a clue:

    Will Jack and Elise meet? I don't want to say yet!

    I think Addison was just throwing the possibility of Jack being Kvornan's son out there but that he didn't really believe it. After all, Jack couldn't look less like Kvornan if he tried. But at the same time, it would seem that the only way a person could have energy like Jack's would be if he was Kvornan's kid. Or Elise's kid but Elise is too young to be anyone's parent, let alone Jack's.

    Oona left Phoenix, poor chap! After five or so years of marriage, she decided that she could no longer stand having him around. He's a really wishy-washy fellow and Oona is looking for the kind of man that will punch a ring through her septum and lead her by it. But yeah, she's nuts. I think she comes off even more nuts than I had originally intended. As we see more of her, she won't seem as wacko. Kvornan just brings it out in her.

    By the way, she has no idea whatsoever that Kvornan had anything to do with her mother's death. Addison does though (because Kvornan told him).

    Oona was not adopted. Here's what happened:

    Addison and Kelly had Oona out of wedlock but only because Townies can't marry (unless they marry Residents). Townie children always have their mother's last name and "Horne" was Kelly's maiden name. Addison and Kelly broke up four years later. Kelly then married Jorge and changed her name from Horne to LeCroix.

    When Oona married Phoenix, he was pretty uncomfortable with giving his name to a Townie-born (a decision that he later regretted). So that's why Oona still has her maiden name. The kids have her name also.

  4. Oh, that makes sense now. Thanks for the link :)

    How do/did Oona and Jorge get along? What about her and Cully? Or is that a spoiler?

  5. OMG! First, I fell asleep EARLY because I only got two hours of sleep yesteday! Secondly, OMG this freakin story RAWKS!! *takes a deep, calming breath*

    So Addison knows what Kvornan is and that Jack could possible be the replacement for him if something should happen. I know Jack knows that he can do certain things but does he know WHY he can do those things?

    Oona killed me. But at that point she was acting like a mother which means that she knows what Kvornan is. Does that mean the whole family knows about him then?

    And interesting what he found out at the hospital! VERY interesting!

    I am officially in love with Jack. He's just so calm and cool!

  6. Van:

    Jorge and Oona are very close. Jorge considers her to be his daughter (even though Addison has always been in her life and Jorge is only 10 or 11 years older than she is). Oona often comes over, brings the kids and makes dinner for everyone. Sometimes the Wallaces come as well. They're a very peculiar family but they function.

    Oona and Macaulay get along decently too. She often picks him up from school when Donna is unable. In fact, we'll see the two of them together a few chapters from now.

    Hehe and like I said, Oona is rarely THAT crazy. She just likes to provoke Kvornan.


    Two hours of sleep?!? How did you manage that? I feel like a kid on Christmas too but I have to get at least 5 hours. :p Yep, I do a lot of sleep'n.

    Addison knows quite a bit. And necessarily so- The two of them keep each other informed. The replacement thing is a theory right now but it's starting to look more and more plausible as Kvornan and Addison think about it. This is going to make perfect sense by Chapter 60.

    And that's a very good question! After meeting Kvornan, Jack thinks he knows why he can do certain things but he's not quite right. He has always suspected that he was part Fae and that's why he has magic. Kvornan would seem to be half Fae because of his eyes and the way he talks. In fact, this is why he doesn't wear contacts like other vampires do- His eyes seem to explain his accent. When Jack saw that Kvornan, an alleged half Fae, had very similar energy to himself, Jack thought that this was concrete proof that he was also part Fae.

    Jack is walking around feeling pretty good right now. A life-long mystery supposedly solved. What Jack has yet to realize is that no matter how much magic a person has, no one has ever, EVER, taught themselves to use it. No one but Jack, that is. The sorts of things that Jack has learned to do on his own typically take years of study and meditation. And apart from that, Jack has much more magic than most. He could potentially give Kvornan and Elise a run for their money. But yeah, what Jack doesn't know about himself could fill volumes. Which is interesting considering how much he tends to pick-up about other people.

    Oona grew-up around Kvornan. She knows what he is. And I seriously doubt she really believed that he would even think about hurting her kids. She was just being difficult to see if she could get a reaction out of him. The reaction that she did get was more than she bargained for but there you go. The rest of Oona's family does not know that Kvornan even exists.

    There's a little something else about Oona that I didn't expect anyone to pick-up but that I'm not going to mention...

  7. Okay, wait wait wait wait wait

    First, that was awesome. Kvornan is frickin' scary, but I kind of enjoy it when he gets all flared up and starts threatening people. Although, Oona is one ballsy woman. I mean... either she's ballsy or she is demented... or she also enjoys when Kvornan all flared up and threatening people...

    But now to the real issue. JACK IS KVORNAN'S SON???!!!!?!!?!

    Kvornan is correct, there is very little in the way of family resemblance, but WHAT??!?!?

    Penelope, you are throwing a monkey wrench in my whole operation.

  8. I'm leaning towards "ballsy" but I think that she does definitely have some issues. She could do with some counseling for sure.

    Is Jack Kvornan's son? Addison thinks that it's a possibility. Kvornan was, after all, living in downtown Pleasantview not far from Jack's mother when Jack was born.

    On the other hand, Kvornan is not convinced. No resemblance.

    And there is another possibility. It hasn't occurred to Kvornan yet but it will occur to certain persons that are knowledgeable about certain historical events. We'll get this theory just a little ways down the road.

  9. JACK! Even Kvornan can barely contain himself before his AWESOME. I thought myself that he could be his replacement, and then Addison thought it, and only later did Kvornan think of it. He's going to have to think faster if he wants to keep up with JACK!

    Decorative ribbons, I LOL'd so hard. Armageddon confetti!!!

  10. Sometimes, concepts take a moment for Kvornan to process. He's an old man! I feel bad for Jack though. He's got quite a shock in store for when he finds out just how much of an anomaly he is.

    Revelations has always sounded like a Macy's Day Parade to me. That's where Addison's Armageddon confetti came from. :p

  11. *ahem* I would like to take a moment to redact a comment that I left here years ago:

    Oona and Macaulay get along decently too. She often picks him up from school when Donna is unable. In fact, we'll see the two of them together a few chapters from now.

    We will NOT be seeing Macaulay and Oona together a few chapters from now. Looking back though, I wonder what I had been planning. A lot of chapters end up on my outline that never see the light of day because I am a serial outline editor.