Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chapter 14: Jorge Is Pushed

Weds, October 21, 2074 6:45 pm: Arbormoor Manor- Arbormoor, Pleasantview

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"Not you," Jorge groaned. He thought to smother himself with a nearby pillow to blot out the sight of his choleric sister but then remembered that he was, at least reputedly, an adult.

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Donna placed her hands on her hips and soundly kicked the bed frame. The resulting thud rattled in Jorge's skull, draining the last ounce of tranquility from the room.
"Quit it, you harpy!" His voice reached a pitch that he reserved for Donna alone. It was a pitch that he associated with playground squabbling.
"Get out of bed, asshole," Donna spat. Her pitch, conversely, was of the sort used by drill sergeants and masked gunmen.

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Jorge stared at her blankly, saying nothing. Defiance, he knew, infuriated Donna worst of all. He fidgeted with his wedding band.

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Donna strode over to his side of the bed, her wild red hair trailing like flames that she could not out run. As she loomed over him, he felt that her presence in the room trumped his own.
"It's been three solid days. My indulgence is spent. Get up, get dressed and go to work before I push you out of bed myself." Jorge continued to stare straight ahead, his lips pursed shut.


Donna tapped her foot impatiently until the noise nearly drove Jorge insane. He had yet to discover a disturbance that did not echo in his house.
"Alright, I'll do it, just give me a minute," Jorge blurted. He was willing to say anything to make her leave. Donna's brand of tough love was not going to aid him in his current predicament. She was trying to make him angry, at least enough to force him out of bed. However, not having had anything to drink other than the fruit juice that Macaulay brought to him, Jorge could only summon but so much anger.

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"Give you a minute? I've given you three days," Donna said. "What is this about? Is it about Lavinia? Because honestly, she's better off without a man who lets his thirteen-year-old son run the household while he lounges about, reading Sartre and pissing in bottles." Jorge grunted his response. He could have defended himself but what she said had certain truth to it. Still, he did not stir. "Move over."
"What? Why?"
"Because we're going to sit and talk about this, that's why. Now move over." Jorge shrugged and did as he was told.


Donna lowered herself onto the bed with an ease and fluidity that Jorge thought of as being noteworthy, given the cumbersome height of her heels. When Donna spoke again, her words took the form of an austere whisper.
"You can't keep doing this. You have too many responsibilities. The restaurant is fed up and I cannot make excuses for you forever."
"To hell with the restaurant."


"This is serious, Jorge. They will find someone else, even if they have to go all the way to Riverblossom to do it."


"I am being serious. I think I'm going to resign and go back to tutoring music or something. I need to spend time with Cully, now more than ever."


"That's your decision. But meanwhile, you're getting less than nothing accomplished by laying here."


"It has given me some time to think."
"Ok, that's a start but it has taken you ten years to get around to
thinking. God only knows how long it will take you actually move on."


Jorge's stomach wound its self into tight knots. He had long since become accustomed to people not mentioning his wife or her death or anything even vaguely hinting at those subjects.


"Well? That's what everything comes down to with you, isn't it? Kelly would not have wanted to see you like this. You know that." Donna's voice broke. Jorge turned away.


"And don't even get me started on Lavinia," Donna said. "The other day, Cully told me that he saw you slap her once. Is that true?" Jorge did not respond. The knot in his stomach tightened painfully. "What in the hell is the matter with you? Are you crazy? And in front of your son?" The incredulity that attached itself to Donna's every word stung Jorge worst of all- That she could barely believe it of him. Donna took a deep breath, trying to cool down.


"You have a lot to answer for where that girl is concerned," Donna said.


"I know," Jorge whispered. "And believe me, I intend to."


  1. I didn't expect her to settle next to him so they could talk. The first few pictures of her made me think "uh oh" for Jorge. It's nice that his sister is willing to do that. Though, I wouldn't mind it if he spent his days in bed (as long as there were pictures of him, of course).

  2. lol He does kind of have to go to work. He is the head chef at Londoste. Macaulay can take care of himself but I'm sure that Donna didn't think it was fair for him to have to take care of Jorge as well (and for no good reason).

    Donna is a bit of a spit-fire but beneath all of that, she is extremely soft-hearted.

  3. My goodness that man is HOT! Holy crap! I would lay in bed with him alllllll day! Hell I would even let him slap me....on the ass ;)

  4. lol Yeah I did rather a good job with that one. *peeks*

    But I've been looking at him so long now and I'm so incredibly disgusted with him that I often forget how hot he is.

  5. Yeah Donna surprised me too. Especially given Jorge's thoughts about her. I liked the detail of the stiletto heels.

    And holy crap! Pissing in bottles? How much lower can you get?

  6. I think any lower than that would just be pissing on himself. :p

  7. Yeah, since I can now see his face, Jorge is hot. A complete bastard, but hot. Was Lavinia in love with him - which is why she accepted being a punching bag? Like how bad was the abuse?

    Laurie is very lucky if Cully will grow up that handsome & gay too ;-)

    I like Donna - I'm glad she showed up - someone has to kick her brother around, and she may be the only person he listens to.

  8. Tell you the truth, most of the abuse was verbal. The physical fighting was not as intense. Usually they would get into really heated arguments that would culminate in one of them striking the other. Then more shouting. In the end, Lavinia would cry herself to sleep and Jorge would drink himself into a stupor.

    You can be certain though that if Cully ever thought that Lavinia was in some kind of danger, he would call the police and then try to intervene himself. Cully harbors a lot of resentment towards his father because of what he does to Lavinia. And now the two of them are holed up together in that creepy house.

    Funny you mentioned what Cully will look like. I've actually grown Laurie and Cully up. Cully is a little on the funny looking side (he is what my mother would call, "ugly-cute"). Laurie on the other hand is WHOAH handsome- Which is something that I was not expecting in the least. He's just about rivaling Jorge in the looks department.

    Donna totally is the only person that Jorge listens to. He would listen to Cully but Cully is, for the most part, too disgusted with him to get into any prolonged conversations.

  9. At first I thought Donna was only going to get on Jorge's nerves and I was fearing the consequences, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised on the effect she seems to have on him. Is she his older sister?

  10. Ooh, I see. I also see a connection to the Capps there! Woot!