Friday, August 1, 2008

Chapter 6: Troy Sifts Through the Mire

Sat, October 17, 2074 12:33 am: Caliente Manor- Middlebourne, Pleasantview


A soft wind blew, carrying with it a sundry mixture of melon, strawberry and, if Troy was not mistaken, citrus. Once smelled, Troy's wife or even the maid would know those unseasonable aromas for what they were. He would need to throw his sweater into the wash as soon as he got in the house. Turning the corner towards the service entrance, Troy was arrested by the sight of something rather unexpected.


Laurie's long-legged, low shouldered stride was faster than usual. It was causing his entire body to bob like a duck decoy riding an erratic wave. Laurie didn't appear to have noticed Troy but walked swiftly towards the door, the loud squeaking of his shoes providing the only auditory backdrop for the night. As Laurie fumbled with his pockets in search of the key, Troy gingerly crept up behind him.


"Nice night for it," Troy said with a snicker. Laurie spun about on the hard rubber of his heels and stumbled backwards, wide-eyed.


"Holy fuck, Dad," Laurie panted. He doubled over as though he had been struck. Troy tried to assume some measure of rigid disapproval.

"Language," he said firmly. Laurie shook his coffee-colored mane.

"Sorry." Laurie straightened himself up. "You scared me."


Troy eyed his son wearily. Laurie was shivering, soaking wet from head to toe. His jacket was stained with some kind of muck- Presumably pond scum. It didn't take a man of Troy's intelligence to sift through the mire adorning Laurie's hunched form, in search of what had happened to him that night.

"Enoch?" It wasn't really a question. Laurie groaned miserably. Troy chortled.

"You smell like swamp gas," He said matter-of-factly.

"And you smell like a girl," Laurie countered, pulling a long black strand of hair from Troy's sweater. Troy folded his arms across his chest and rapped his fingers thoughtfully. Laurie had reached an age where the knowledge of Troy's dalliances should have been old hat. The boy's face was apathetically blank.

"Well, if you don't tell your mother then I won't," Troy resolved.

"Sounds fair." Laurie's lips were blossoming into a gentle shade of lilac. He lowered his eyelids and smiled, perhaps grateful for not having to explain himself. Troy brushed past Laurie and reached for the doorknob. Siren would never forgive him if her baby caught pneumonia on the doorstep.


"Dad?" Laurie's voice was little more than a squeal. Evidently, he'd done his share of yelling that night.

"Hmm?" Troy fitted the key into the lock.


"I think I'm going to get a haircut tomorrow. Early, before the funeral." This was something that Troy had been requesting of Laurie for months. He was moderately surprised.

"Oh. Well that is happy news," Troy said. From the look of him alone, Troy judged this to be the longest day of Laurie's adolescent life-- A sort of cognitive solstice. Perhaps, Troy thought, when Laurie rose the next morning, he would find the season changed.



  1. In case anyone is wondering where Siren Caliente is while all of this was going on, she and the little ones (4-year-old twins Thackery and Naomi) spent the night at Lothario Hall.

  2. Whoa I didn't know that was his dad...interesting...well at least they have each other's back.

  3. Yeah, that's sim genetics for you!

    I think Laurie ended up with Troy's nose, eyes and cheeks but everything else is his mother's.

    Troy and Laurie are very close. Troy would never admit it but I think that of all of his children, Laurie is the one that he's most proud of- the one with the moral fiber.

  4. That was an interesting exchange - they each get to keep their secrets.

  5. Troy was a bit of a problem child and while he worries about his other children turning out like him, he is confident that Laurie will never get himself into too much trouble.

    For his part, Laurie just appreciates the fact that his dad trusts him and to some extent, treats him like an adult.